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Did you know I host a podcast? Yep, since 2009 I've done this show where people pay my friends and me to suffer through terrible books, movies, and TV shows. I think you'll like it.


Bubble Guppies review

Released: 06/29/17

Periodically I like to check in and see what Ezra's son Caleb is watching. He's my real...

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Law and Order

Released: 06/21/17

I had jury duty this week, so I made everybody watch my favorite episodic background show Law &...

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The Mummy (2017) review

Released: 06/14/17

Nobody likes the new The Mummy movie starring Tom Cruise. Well, nobody but Alex, who loves it....

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Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Released: 06/07/17

The 90s were a simpler time. Sure, humans were in the process of doing irreversible damage to...

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The Handmaid's Tale review

Released: 05/31/17

Give the current state of things, the world has a larger-than-usual appetite for shows that make...

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Podcast Guest Appearances

I love being a guest on other people's podcasts. I'd talk to pretty much anybody with a garage and a couple microphones. E-mail me if you want me to appear on your show.


All Fantasy Everything w/ Ian Karmel

Released: 05/18/17

AFE is a podcast where comedians draft all kinds of things that aren't athletes. This week, Ian had Phoebe Bottoms and I on to draft our favorite sidekicks and I'm 99% sure I won.

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Talkin' Shop

Released: 04/24/17

It's a free live podcast created and hosted by Anthony Crawford that has the best in the comedy world come and tell you how they do what they do. That, along with Mutiny Information Cafe‘s cool vibe and a Q&A makes Talkin' Shop a comedy nerd's dream!

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A Very Special Episode: Mary Kay Letourneau

Released: 04/10/17

I was a guest on a very special episode of the podcast A Very Special Episode about Mary Kay Letourneau, the infamous teacher who had sex with her sixth grade pupil, got pregnant by him, went to jail, had sex with him again, got pregnant again, went back to jail, then eventually married him.

It was uncomfortable and funny.

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TBTL #2311 - Non-Newtonian Podcarting

Released: 02/08/17

I stopped by Luke Burbank's podcast to promote my new book "Unwrap My Heart" (the story of a girl who falls in love with a mummy) and also the Amazing World of Frogs, plus, why Sean Spicer's "Venmo" account is troubling.

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Live Wire Radio's All Standup Special

Released: 04/12/16

Portland-based variety radio show Live Wire! W/ Luke Burbank had on a couple members of my comedy supergroup Earthquake Hurricane on to do standup and respond to "public radio hecklers." It was a good time!

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Pack Your Mics: The Top Chef Podcast

Top Chef is one of my favorite shows of all time. That's why I sat down with my co-podcasters from Read it and Weep (plus our spouses!) and created Pack Your Mics. We have our own weekly dinner party to discuss the show.


Text PYM s14e14 Don’t Forget Pork Belly 03/05/17

It’s here, the last episode of Pack Your Mics about the last episode of Top Chef Charleston. We’ve got lots of opinions and a bit more saltiness than we were expecting for a dream finale. Let’s see if you agree!

PYM #62 - s14.e14: Don’t Forget Pork Belly


The other podcast we produce: Read it and Weep, a show about books, movies, and TV!

Alex’s definitive ranking of Discovery Channel shows about weirdos looking for gold.

Text PYM s14 Bonus: Alison Leiby 02/28/17

Alison Leiby is a comedian, writer, and delightful human who writes Top Chef recaps for Eater. She sat down with Alex to chat about season 14 and make bold predictions about the finale.


PYM s14 Bonus: Alison Leiby


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Text PYM #61 - s14e13 - Every Surface is a Sex Surface 02/25/17

Really sorry for the title. And for the sad/happy thing that happens when you love all three remaining contestants.

PYM #61 - s14.e13: Every Surface is a Sex Surface


Secrets promotional video

Vulture story about eating Sheldon’s food next to Gail h/t Sean

NPR story about how fun this season was h/t Julia

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