Sketch Comedy

I've been writing and performing sketch comedy and shenanigans for 10+ years. Here are my best video sketches.

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How To Barely Beat An Escape Room

Released: 11/21/16

A sequel to my monumentally successful video about a group of comedians trying to solve a live escape room. We're back at it and better than ever (at screwing around and letting one person do all the work).

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Comedian Pickup Basketball Game Called by Professional Announcer

Released: 11/19/16

A group of comedians have their pickup basketball game announced by Portland Trail Blazers radio play-by-play announcer Brian Wheeler. Featuring Alex Falcone, Dinah Foley, Matt Monroe, Zak Toscani, Nick Harris, and Brandon Lyons.

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Alex Falcone Tries Out For A Professional Football Team

Released: 01/22/14

I tried out for the new AFL team The Portland Thunder. It didn't go great.

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Goblin State Park Rock-Tipping Heroes: The Movie

Released: 10/24/13

Three douche bags will stop at nothing to make sure all balanced rocks get pushed over. Coming this fall.

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Can YOU Answer The Troll's Riddle? [Animated Short]

Released: 09/16/13

 I wrote this sketch. Live Wire! Radio performed it. I animated. The process took 3 months. All you have to do is watch it and my time was well spent.

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Stand Up Comedy

Videos of me performing my hillarious brand of stand-up comedy.  I like to mix snark and optimism, personal and pop culture, naughty and silly.

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Yelp, Cream Cheese, and Killing Baby Hitler

Released: 08/24/16

Alex Falcone, the Fred Meyer of Portland Comedy, talks about Yelp, cream cheese, and time traveling back to kill baby Hitler. Recorded at Helium Comedy Club in Portland, OR.

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Ice Cream, Outside My Comfort Zone, and Clash of Clans

Released: 09/01/15

My set from the 2015 Portland's Funniest Person contest.

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Stand Up: The Rihanna Song 'Birthday Cake'

Released: 07/22/14

I love cake and pop songs so I really should love the Rihanna/Chris Brown song "Birthday Cake." But I have issues.

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Why Buy The Cow?

Released: 07/22/14

I just got married so I've had to answer the question "Why buy the cow if you're getting the milk for free?"

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One Of Those Days

Released: 07/22/14

I'm getting a little doughy and I think I know why. Do you ever have one of those days where you finish the ice cream?

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Late Night Action w/ Alex Falcone

Late Night Action w/ Alex Falcone is my live Tonight Show style talk show here in Portland. The show features celebrities, comedians, and musical guests.

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Released: 04/06/16

Sheila Hamilton from Portland's talks about her book All The Things We Never Knew, mental health, and romance on Late Night Action w/ Alex Falcone.

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Grimm star David Giuntoli sits down for an interview with me

Released: 04/06/16

Star of the NBC show Grimm sits for an extended interview on Late Night Action w/ Alex Falcone. He talks about his time on Road Rules, early acting mistakes, why Grimm works, and much more.

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Alex Tries: Training For The World Naked Bike Ride

Released: 07/13/15

This is the worst thing I've ever done for comedy. But I'd rather by funny than happy.

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Can We Escape In 60 Minutes?

Released: 04/05/15

My writing team and I played the immersive escape-the-room game 60 Minutes to Escape in Portland. We're pretty good puzzle solvers but terrible spies.

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Art Museum Action

Released: 02/23/15

Featuring Native American artist and activist Wendy Red Star, photographer Holly Andres, writer Courtenay Hameister, Seattle-based comedian Scotte Losse, and musical guest Bryan Free.

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TV Appearances

Sometimes people let me be on TV.

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Portlandia: Hunks vs Nerds

Released: 01/19/17

I was on Portlandia again, this time as a nerd in a hunks vs nerds rumble. Not a huge stretch.

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KGW Live at 7: Things Not Invited Back

Released: 01/02/15

To promote my cover story in the Portland Mercury this week, I appeared with my buddy Reggie Aqui on KGW's Live at 7.

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Promoting Late Night Action on KGW

Released: 09/26/14

My Late Night Action co-host Bri Pruett and I went on Live at 7 on KGW to talk about our upcoming show.

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Alex on Portlandia

Released: 06/20/13

 I made my basic cable debut on Season 3 episode 8 of Portlandia. Check out the sketch, in which I play the editor of the Portland Monthly.

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Sometimes people let me help them sell products. I think you'll find I'm pretty persuasive.

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Carr Subaru: Relax

Released: 03/07/16

I shot a bunch of different commercials for Carr brands, and this one might be my favorite. So much fun shooting these.

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Carr Nissan: Third Wheel

Released: 12/18/15

This car commercial I was in may just be the first in TV history to feature a three-way kiss.

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Carr Chevy - Silverado Selfies

Released: 02/17/14

My favorite of three spots for Carr Chevy, this one featuring the hilarious Sam Whittington. 

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Ad Nauseum

You know that commercial that bugs you every time it comes on?  Me too.  I take commercials that annoy me and pick them apart.

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Brutal Takedown of the GEICO Pig

Released: 07/18/14

I hate the GEICO pig so much. His name is Maxwell and he's the worst. THE WORST!

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Lexus for Christmas

Released: 12/10/12

Alex reviews those commercials where rich people give each other cars for Christmas.

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Apple Genius Commercials

Released: 08/07/12

Alex reviews the annoying new commercials from Apple featuring a douchey "genius." 

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5-Hour Energy

Released: 02/01/12

You know those cheesy low-budget ads for 5-Hour Energy? Yeah, I hate 'em too.

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Trojan Condoms

Released: 12/09/11

There's something sexy being invented in these Trojan Condom commercials.  But I don't want any part of it.

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